Important Notes

Survey requests can only be completed by the instructor of record for a course.
  • An instructor can request only one Course Evaluation (form and method) for a given course ID, except if the course is listed in the system both as a lecture and a lab course. In such case the course ID will have an option of separate lecture Evaluation and a lab Evaluation listed in the evaluation request section.
  • Information about an instructor not listed in the course schedule can only be entered by the administrative assistant of the department to which the course belongs or by a coordinator from the department approved by the Chair.
  • An instructor teaching an online course should select Form O.

Open Dates

Year Term
Spring 2023
Open Date
Close Date

Important Notes

  • Online evaluations are encouraged as they save resources (paper and ink) and significantly reduce the time for scanning and generating reports.
  • If you are teaching a large class, please consider the impact of using Paper course evaluations and strongly consider the use of Online evaluations.
  • To support higher evaluation submission rates, it is recommended that you provide time in class for students to complete the course evaluation.
  • If you are teaching a small class and are combining several sections for evaluation purposes, please strongly consider the use of Online evaluations.
  • Unlike Paper evaluations, course evaluation reports can be generated for Online evaluations even if less than 5 course evaluations are completed.

Another Important Note

  • Generating Paper evaluation reports can take 2 months or more to process.