D2L Brightspace Course Request


If a course is missing: Check the class schedule and confirm that course is listed under your name. If not, contact the Registrar's office to make this change.

To create single courses - Select the course(s) you would like created and press the 'Individual Course(s)' button.  Your selections will be displayed below.

To consolidate (group) courses (ie. multiple sections in one D2L course) - Select ONLY the courses you would like grouped into one D2L course and press the 'Consolidate Courses' button.  Your selections will be displayed below.

Select an activation option - Select 'Activate' to have your course(s) activated according to the start and end dates in the registration system.  If you do not select 'Activate' you will have to activate your course(s) manually.  To activate a course in D2L: 1) Enter the course. 2) Click 'Edit Course. 3) Select the 'Active?' checkbox. 4) Click 'Save Changes'.

When you are finished - Review your selections and confirm your request by clicking the 'Confirm' button.

Course(s) will be created as soon as possible.

If you run into problems - Contact desire2learn@mnsu.edu. Please include any error messages you receive.