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Reporter Rewards Card

This card has been produced by your on-campus newspaper The Reporter in order for our students to save money at some of the most popular restaurants in Mankato. This debit-card-sized coupon contains 6 great deals that can be used as many times as possible upon the time you purchase it until May 31st, 2018. Purchase this card to receive the following deals from the following restaurants:

La Bamba Mexican Taco House (501 South Front St., Mankato) -- 50% off each taco limit 2 tacos

Papa Johns (826 South Front St., Mankato) -- 40% any Large/X-Large pizza (includes discount code for online ordering)

Frozen Yogurt Creations (1901 East Madison Avenue, Ste 450, Mankato) -- Buy 8oz of yogurt + toppings receive first 2oz FREE

Berry Blendz (1600 Warren St, #12, Mankato, MN [University Square Location]; 1850 Adams St, Ste 610, Mankato [River Hills Mall location]) -- $1 off any Medium/Large smoothie

Bradley's on Stadium (1600 Warren St, Mankato, MN) -- $2 off any burger basket

Jersey Mikes Subs (1924 Adams St, Mankato; 500 South Riverfront Drive, Mankato)

Upon receiving the card, customer must print/sign their name on the ID strip on the back of the card as participating restaurants will ask customer to match their name with a second form of identification when using the card


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